Some Types of Oven Cleaner

Did you know that without having regular cleaning items in the house, you can make the kitchen shine again? Do not rush to go to the store and let there an impressive amount of money on all kinds of products that are toxic and can harm you.

We’re teaching you how to do cleaning in the kitchen every month with 100% natural, improvised from what you have around the house, oven cleaner.

Cleaning the stove and oven

Remove the cleaning toxic dust that you inhale whenever you rub grease stains on the stove or in the oven. With a little baking soda mixed with water, you get a natural cleaning product, „healthy” and more effective in removing hardened food remnants. Baking soda has powerful bleaching properties, add water, mix it with vinegar and lemon juice, you get a great cleaning product for the stove, which removes most nasty stains from the oven.

Cleaning oven

Microwave is an environment for germs and bacteria, dangerous to our health, to grow and multiply. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly inside. To remove hardened food debris easily and properly disinfect the device, put a wet sponge in it and spray throughout the interior with a solution prepared from water mixed with essential oils. Start the oven for two minutes. Open the door, expects the sponge to cool slightly, then wipe all surfaces with it until the oven remains perfectly clean.

These tricks will work most of the time, but, if you happen to have the most stubborn stains ever, be sure to try some allergen free oven cleaner. Where do you get that from?

Only at Clean Fast by Fastdeal LTD, at Ashleigh House, on JFK road, 12 Dublin, you have a walk – in store and plenty of options. Call them first at 1850 840 111 to see what are they having in store, or check their website.


When in need of Amtico sealant

bucket-303265_1280Sometimes out floors seem greasy or mat, or plainly dull. Depending on the type of floor we have inside our houses there are two things we ca do to rejuvenate the whole house. If you happen to have wooden floors then you can call yourself very happy because you can sand them really quickly and be done with it. Since they are wooden, then they will also need some varnishing.  Also, if you have hard stone floors made of granite, travertine or marble then you can consider yourself lucky too because all you should to is sand the floors. Since you can’t really varnish stone, there is nothing else you need to do after sanding stoned floors

But what about all the other types of floors?

Stone plated floors, parquet floors, we cannot sand those. What else can we do?

I believe, you really are in need of Amtico sealant. This sealant is a professional products that covers the floors with a very thin layer of shine. The procedure can be a little exhausting, because you need to clean the floor very well first. Then you will need to dry them up with a towel, and only then you can apply the first layer of sealant. After that you need to let that dry for almost an hour, and then apply the second layer.

After a half an hour, you will be able to see the results. Shiny floors ready to slide on them with a pair of fluffy socks.

The sad part is that not every local store has this kind of product in hand because it is considered a professional cleaning product used mostly by cleaning companies. However, there still good news, you can find with a little bit of time on your hands, it is still available online, at different shops, but also there is a company in Dublin that sells it. You can find it at Ashleigh House, JFK Rd, Dublin 12, Cleanfast. Check them online if you are not yet convinced at then go get your floors shining.